The Fear of Getting Started

You’ve never worked out in your life, or it’s been awhile and you step foot in our CrossFit gym for the first time. And some of your thoughts may include… Holy shit, what is all this equipment?  And all these words I’ve never heard before like WOD, AMRAP, and EMOM. And let me get this straight, there’s things called a strict press, a push press, a push jerk, and they’re all different? Uh yeah. Okay. Got it. Go over that one more time please?

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There’s a lot to learn and a lot to teach your body and mind to do. But that shouldn’t be what stops you. You can’t learn to swim in knee deep water. Sometimes you just have to be thrown in and keep your head above water. CrossFit Cedar Grove does take all newbies through a Foundations course to teach you the basics, but after that, no one expects you to know all the terms, and wording. To know all the movements and equipment. To have perfect form and no questions.

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You may feel like the odd one out asking about things that others already know. But every single person in class with you has been new at some point. No one walked in for the first time as a CrossFit expert. What makes our gym different is the members are always encouraging one another. They want each person, as an individual, to do well for themselves in their workout. For a group of such diverse people, they all have a like mind when it comes to their positive and encouraging attitudes.

So, don’t let the fear of not knowing, or the fear of feeling like you’re too out of shape to come in, actually stop you from making the first step into a more fit lifestyle.


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