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Jaclyn Bates owner of Limitless Performance & Therapy


Jaclyn Bates

As the owner and founder of Limitless Performance & Therapy, Limitless Performance & Therapy, and West Essex Barbell Club, Jackie has dedicated her life to helping people improve their wellbeing. A friend first mentioned CrossFit to Jackie and she fell in love with the new intensity it brought to her workouts. She believes that adapted properly, group strength and conditioning is the best way to improve your fitness.

Jackie has over 17 years of experience managing fitness businesses, helping others get healthy and achieving their fitness goals.
Jordyn Bush coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Jordyn Bush

Jordyn is a remarkable Weightlifting coach, whose compassion, patience, and expertise have transformed the lives of many athletes. Her genuine kindness and methodical approach make her an exceptional coach for athletes of all levels.

Jordyn’s coaching style is built on a foundation of empathy and understanding coupled with solid training principles, always taking the time to listen to her athletes’ needs and concerns. She recognizes that everyone is unique, and tailors her coaching approach to suit each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Her patience is unmatched, and she always takes the time to explain complex techniques and concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Under her guidance, Jordyn’s athletes achieve success-whether that means earning medals or building up their confidence. Jordyn’s mastery of the lifts and attention to detail help her athletes to reach their maximum potential, pushing them to new heights and unlocking hidden strengths they didn’t even know they had. Medals: 2020 Under 25 Nationals Snatch Silver Medalist in the 71kg Weight Class2021 University Nationals Snatch Bronze Medalist in the 76kg Weight Class2021 Under 25 National Champion in the 76kg Weight Class2021 North American Open Series Champion in the 76kg Weight Class2021 North American Open Series Finals Snatch Silver Medalist and Bronze Medalist in the total in the 71kg Weight Class2022 University National Champion in the 76kg Weight Class2022 FISU America Games Gold Medalist in the 76kg Weight Class

Jake Houthuysen coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Jake Houthuysen

Jake was introduced to CrossFit at the young at of 15 after he had to stop playing football due to injuries. Initially he liked the competitive edge and how CrossFit pushed him physically, but he stayed because of the sense of community and friendship he had with other members of the gym.

It was so unlike any other gym he’d been a part of. Seven years later with two years of US Powerlifting under his belt, Jake has obtained his CF-L1 and plans to obtain his CSCS in the coming months. Jake has been passionate about this sport for a long time and is thrilled to be able to coach and give people the same experience his coaches gave him throughout the years.

Alexa Sibio coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Alexa Sibio

Alexa hails to us from Caldwell, NJ with her CF-L1. She started CrossFit in 2020 and has been hooked ever since. It challenges her every day and because the workouts are constantly varied with strength and speed, she says it gives her the best of both worlds.

Leadership is something in Alexa’s life that she has always really enjoyed. Although new to coaching CrossFit, she’s no stranger to commanding a team. Alexa had previously coached girl’s lacrosse and small group training classes. She says the draw for her is to help people better themselves every day! While not in the gym, Alexa likes to read, spend time with friends, family, and her dog Lari, and do lots of outdoor activities.

Justin Ciaburri coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Justin Ciaburri

Following the conclusion of his collegiate football days due to a neck injury, Justin sought a fresh outlet for his competitive drive. At Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) a chance encounter with a fellow athlete led to a pivotal introduction to the team's coach, the renowned Nicholas Curry.

Justin’s athletic journey spans an impressive 16 years, a testament to his unwavering commitment and unwavering effort. From tackling challenges to embracing opportunities, he has left a lasting impact on his chosen path. When asked about his go-to exercise, Justin’s favorite is the Power Snatch. This lift, requiring precision and strength, encapsulates his approach to his journey – a balance of determination and skill, symbolizing his unwavering spirit. Justin continues to inspire others through coaching to navigate their own paths with determination and purpose.

Michaelle Negra coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Michaelle Negra

Born and raised in Cedar Grove, Michaelle joined Limitless Performance & Therapy as a member but found enjoyment in helping others get fit and healthy to hit their goals so she decided to obtain her CF-L1 and her CrossFit Kids Certification.

CrossFit is something that changed her life and she wants to help others see and feel its benefits. Michaelle initially started doing CrossFit because she was bored of doing the same thing at a regular gym. The variety of workouts and movements of CrossFit kept her going with the sport, but she specifically stayed at Limitless Performance & Therapy because of the coaches and community – it’s her second home.

Joseph Rella coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Joseph Rella

Rella has made a career out of helping others as a Police Officer and sees coaching as an extension of this line of work. He enjoys working with like-minded people who are looking to push and improve themselves, no matter where they came from or what their current abilities are.

He found CrossFit after a hiatus from working out and was instantly hooked – the camaraderie, energy, and positive vibe made him keep coming back and what lead him to get his CF-L1. When not in the gym or at work Rella is soaking up family time.

Angela Vitellaro coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Angela Vitellaro

As a former collegiate cross-country runner, Angela found a love for obstacle course races such as the Spartan Race; CrossFit was a natural progression from there. What started out as a side gig teaching HIIT classes at her alma mater two years ago is now her main focus.

Plain and simple, she coaches because she likes helping others and always has. She loves watching someone’s face when the movement finally clicks for them. Angela is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and recently obtained her CF-L1 after participating in CrossFit for five years. CrossFit is special to her because of the amazing community, and she loves that there is always something to work on and improve upon.

Brennan Elio coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Brennan Elio

With a background in basketball and soccer Brennan was led to Limitless Performance & Therapy a few years ago by family members who had been at Limitless Performance & Therapy since its opening back in 2015.

Brennan felt immediately hooked by the intensity of the workouts, the great coaching, and convenience of the gym’s location. After spending years at CFCG as a member Brennan felt that he’d been lucky enough to benefit from the great coaching here, and wanted to reciprocate that to the community he’s been a huge part of and obtained his CF-L1. When he’s not at the gym, Brennan’s time is spent simply working or spending time with his wife and two children.
Sue Mignone coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Sue Mignone

Sue was looking to shake up her workout routine - she wanted to get stronger and challenge herself. After her first CrossFit class, she was hooked on the workout, but the community and friends she's made along the way are what kept her coming back to CrossFit over the years.

She loves the community at Limitless Performance & Therapy and that she can get everything she needs to stay in shape in just an hour at the gym. After 5 years as an athlete, Sue felt the pull to obtain her CF-L1 and coach because she loves helping people reach their goals and wants others to feel as excited about CrossFit as she does.

Duke Ferguson coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Duke Ferguson

With a long standing passion for fitness, Chicago, IL native, Duke recently moved to Montclair, NJ and joined the Limitless Performance & Therapy Team. In college he played football and ran track, but realized he enjoyed being in the weight room as much or more than he enjoyed being on the field.

From there sports lead him into Olympic weightlifting and Oly lifting is how he found CrossFit. Since then, Duke has earned his CF-L2 and with 3 years of coaching experience with CrossFit and professional hockey athletes, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Duke says that the best thing about being a coach is to be a part of something bigger than himself.

KT Armstrong coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


KT Armstrong

KT's CrossFit journey began three days after her college basketball career ended. She attended her first CrossFit class and has been hooked ever since. She loves the sense of community, the commitment to hard work, and the challenge of learning new skills.

Along with the excitement of hitting new PRs and the pleasure of meeting new people. As a CrossFit coach, KT loves helping others achieve personal improvements and having fun along the way.

Jodi Hudson Brannigan coach at Limitless Performance & Therapy


Jodi Hudson Brannigan

Jodi began her CrossFit Career in 2010. Her background is in ballet: from the age of four through her college years, Jodi danced with the Richmond Ballet both as a trainee and in their Student Company.

Jodi has been coaching CrossFit since 2013. She is a Level 2 trainer ans is currently studying for the Level 3. She is also CrossFit Kids certified.

In her spare time, Jodi is a trial attorney in her postion Of Counsel at Connell Foley LLP. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Seaton Hall School of Law. She’s married to her husband Patrick and is the mom to twins, Ryan and Liam.



Juan is not just a fitness enthusiast; he's a dedicated CrossFit advocate on a mission to transform lived through physical and mental empowerment.

Born with a relentless drive for self-improvement, Juan has carved his niche in the world of CrossFit, blending strength, agility, and tenacity into a powerhouse of fitness inspiration. Driven by a fervor for functional fitness, Juan discovered CrossFit as more than just a workout — it’s a lifestyle. His journey began with a barbell and a vision: to redefine limits and inspire others to do the same. Juan’s commitment to mastering the art of CrossFit is a testament to his belief that true strength transcends the gym walls.


Will Barrientos

My fitness journey began back in 2012 when I discovered CrossFit and shortly after, I found myself gravitating towards weightlifting.

As a highly detailed and visual learner, I’m able to use these skills to break down complex movements in a way that makes sense to everyone. It’s incredibly rewarding to see someone improve a lift they once found difficult! With an L1 weightlifting coaching certificate, I’m able to provide structured coaching and help others reach their full potential in a safe and effective manner. I’m always here to share my knowledge, insights, and tips.


Dani Aguilera

Dani walked into her first CrossFit gym as a very out of shape, binge eating, under eating athlete with little knowledge about weights and nutrition.

She played sports growing up, including swimming, horseback riding, and Muay Thai, but never saw the aesthetic results she wanted. Diving headfirst into CrossFit and the nutrition field has helped Dani finally leave binge eating behind, properly nourish her body, skyrocket her confidence, and have a blast working out. She saw muscle on her body she never thought she’d have and saw herself doing things she never thought she’d be able to do! Dani’s mission is to help transform people’s lives both in and out of the gym using sustainable, flexible, and balanced approaches. Being a mama to two boys 14 months apart has given her insight to the prenatal and postpartum experiences as well as how hectic parent life can be. As much as she would love to keep all her clients forever, her goal is to give them the confidence, knowledge, and power to become independent and no longer need her as their nutrition coach.

CrossFit L1 Coach
CrossFit Judges Course
Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
M2 Performance Nutrition: Hormone Health
M2 Performance Nutrition: Understanding Metabolism
M2 Performance Nutrition: Gut Biology
M2 Performance Nutrition: Practical Nutrition Coaching


Xavier Vivanz

Xavier is more than a CrossFit coach; he's a fervent advocate for community-driven fitness. His journey began with a drop-in class that revealed not only the intensity of CrossFit workouts but also a supportive community and a competitive atmosphere that captured his heart. This experience ignited his passion for coaching, leading him to earn certifications and commit to creating an environment where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive.

As a CrossFit coach, Xavier blends technical expertise with a genuine desire to empower others. His coaching philosophy revolves around fostering a positive and inclusive community that encourages individuals to surpass their limits, break through barriers, and achieve personal feats.


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