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November Member Milestone’s, Holiday Party Reminder, & Upcoming Seminar Info!

November Member Milestone's 🥳

Laura Fencik: achieving a big win of box jumps!

Amy Carnuccio: beginning her fitness journey! 

Doug DiMattia: getting back into the gym! 

Juan Henriquez: hitting a PR clean & jerk!

Sue Roman: killing her OHS and working on small technical improvements!

Gino Delarama: giving Coach Jordyn a great idea to get the barbell club together for community events and for being the First Athlete of the Month for West Essex Barbell Club! 

Cienne Keegan: working through an injury and still coming to the gym to improve her movement patterns!

Linda Shababb: focusing on her technical improvements in her clean & jerks!

Joanne Abyad: focusing on technical improvements in her push jerk with Coach Jake!

Joyce Armstrong: showing up and working on her pull-ups accessory work before or after class with Coach Jake!

Steve Lupo: supporting his friends in class and always being kind and supportive!

Gabe Casanova: consistency in showing up to barbell classes!

Sharon Russo: her work ethic at continuing to get better at her double unders!

Daniela Quispe: major technical improvements in her Olympic lifts with taking barbell classes!

Jillian Hult: returning to barbell classes after a few months off!

Jaime Dodds: hitting double unders pain free for the first time in a year!

Jason Zuniga: brand new CrossFit athlete showing up, working hard, and picking up the skills fast!

Leo Souza: staying consistent and making improvements across the board!

Jerry Abcede: overcoming a nagging knee injury that plagued him for years and still being positive and inspiring to all members!

Laura box jump WIN!

Juan PR Clean & Jerk!

Thanksgiving food drive donations! 🦃

Thank you to all our members who donated food for the food pantry in Montclair for the holidays! Coach Angela dropped off the food collected! Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🤗

Holiday party reminder!

🚨Don’t forget LAST DAY to buy tickets for the holiday party is 12/4! 🚨

Come and celebrate with us @ Jalapeno Mexican Grill Friday December 8th @ 7:30pm!

Tickets for food and open bar are available in Zen Planner for $55! 

Hope to see you all there! 🥳

SAVE the date nutrition seminar with coach dani sunday january 7th!🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️

Save the date weightlifting seminar with coach jordyn saturday january 27th and sunday january 28th! 💪🏻


Mock Weightlifting Meet 2/10/24

Schedule! What to bring! *SINGLETS ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS MOCK MEET, if you have one and would like to wear it, that is up


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