Why You Should Run an Obstacle Race Next Year

Tough Mudder. Spartan Race. Rugged Maniac. The names all speak for themselves. There’s nothing quite like mud and water and beer and running all rolled into one spectacular event.

These things are awesome. Depending on what you choose you can see anywhere from 20 to 30+ obstacles and run roughly 3.1 to 10 miles. You can also have some serious fun and make some awesome friends along the way.

Does this sound intimidating? Don’t think that. Maybe running three miles isn’t your idea of fun, but it’s not three miles straight, you don’t have to run the entire way, and you don’t notice the mileage, you notice the obstacles.

But the obstacles are fun. Challenging, but fun. Did we mention fun? We did? Okay good.

So how do I prepare? We are so glad you asked! We don’t really suggest staying on couch binge watching Game of Thrones for the third time and eating chips and dip as the training regimen for these races. But you also don’t need to train for it like you’re expecting to get on the podium after running the elite heat (although that would be super cool). There’s this great middle ground where you do it for fun after some smart training. Our suggestion? CrossFit.

Okay okay, so we’re biased. BUT it makes sense. To run these races you need cardio, strength, balance, and a little bit of courage to concur those fears. We’ve. Got. You. Covered.

CrossFit helps with all of that. Even fears. Afraid of heights? Rope climbs. Scared of falling into the water on some monkey bars? Bar hangs for time. Worried you can’t complete the course? We have the best members and coaches to pump you up.

Want to run an obstacle course race this year? Start with CrossFit and start now.


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