Traveling While Healthy

Let’s face it. Working out and getting into a routine is possible for almost anyone, until life happens and then you find yourself at McDonald’s drive-thru for a milkshake or eating microwave pizza bagels for dinner because yes, it’s been that kind of day. Traveling (whether for work, vacationing, or for another one of your crazy aunt’s weddings) can be intimidating for those who really want to stay on track with their fitness progress. DON’T FREAK OUT. Enjoy your time away from your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to adapt to your temporary environment.

Yes, airports can definitely pose a threat to your nutritional habits. So what do you do? Modify your meal prepping! As long as your food is not a liquid or gel and is wrapped or contained, you should be good to go. Bananas, homemade sandwiches of low sodium turkey on whole wheat bread, oatmeal packets, and grilled chicken and veggies are all compliant…. so no excuses!


Even when you’re out at a restaurant your can opt in for the grilled, broiled or roasted options instead of diving into a plate of nachos and fries. Ask for sauces on the side and watch out for tricky wording like crispy, creamy, breaded, etc., that imply higher fat content and essentially, more calories. Substitute those mashed potatoes for a side of vegetables or a side salad. It might be different and a challenge, but don’t let a little traveling set back all that progress!

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Now, I know that we just said no liquids, but hydration is extra important for traveling! (No, alcohol doesn’t count). Bring a big empty water bottle so you’re prepared while you’re out and about and can utilize the water stations when you’re waiting for your flight.


When it comes to staying active, almost every hotel has a gym nowadays, but either way, who says that you need a gym to workout?! Your body is your own personal and portable gym. Push ups, squats, burpees, sit ups… whatever you choose, GET YOUR SWEAT ON. A workout can take place anywhere. Having trouble thinking of exercises? Nice try. Youtube. Facebook. Instagram. Don’t let a little inconvenience set you back. Embrace it and think of it as an opportunity to switch up your usual fitness routine!


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