All Natural Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Close, but no. It’s crazy how much influence the food industry has over our society today to make us think that eating a granola bar labeled organic and all natural isn’t really just a candy bar in disguise. So, what is the meaning of these common marketing labels companies like to use? When something is organic, it means the product is harvested or created without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents. All natural refers to the fact that nothing artificial or synthetic is included or added to the product that would not normally be found there. So, if you think about it, couldn’t a batch of chocolate chip cookies you make at home be labeled all natural? Heck, you can make your own all natural, organic, GMO free and gluten free Devil’s food cake at home with a tub of homemade full fat chocolate ice cream to go with it!

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are eating something that is contributing to your health and energy without the added fat, sugar and most of all, those sneaky calories. Think of it in this sense: you can eat a stick of butter, or a stick of all natural butter so there are no added artificial ingredients, but are you really being that much healthier? You can eat a caramel apple or an organic caramel apple, but you are still eating the same amount of calories (minus the added pesticides). Instead of looking at the label claims, read the back of the label, including the ingredients. Calories and fat and sugar still exist and can be labeled as all natural, so it doesn’t mean that the product you buy is healthy for you. Stick to whole foods-the less ingredients, the better. Next time you go to grocery shopping, take a look at what they are labeling as all natural and organic. Is it a bag of cookies? Or is it a bag of peppers?  It might all sound good and dandy, but after all, we may be missing a key point here… shouldn’t everything we are eating be all natural?


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