Starting a New Diet

A great way to change the way you eat, in a way that won’t have you falling out the new diet in less than a week is to do your research. Many times people find themselves convinced into trying a new diet solely based on an article they might have found online, and almost always it is a super restrictive diet. Cutting down almost everything you eat to a few vegetable blended drinks a day. Now how are you supposed to maintain any diet that has you cutting off all the food you normally eat in a day? Short answer is you don’t, you get bored of the same food every day and you find yourself craving all your favorite foods more than before.

You find yourself taking on a diet only because it promises you quick changes, but usually what ends up happening quicker is giving up. Not only do these diets fall under the category of being failed, but there is usually little research done by the participant to even know if it’s good for you. Someone who truly wants to make changes in their diet should avoid the quick promises of a fad diet and instead do research on specific lifestyle changes they can actually commit too. Examples of a few lifestyle changes you can commit too would be the mediterranean diet or the flexitarian diet (for those who want to be vegetarian, but can’t fully commit) And also, please stop jumping onto a restrictive diet, take it slow to avoid just binging all the foods you want to avoid.
Cristina F. Intern at Limitless Performance and Therapy


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