How is your self-worth? In my earlier years I would find myself constantly telling myself I wasn’t good enough. Some days I wasn’t fast enough, others not strong enough, but always in comparison to other people. It’s hard to judge yourself, by, well, yourself, but that’s exactly what you should aim to do.

What is your inner monologue like during a workout? Really think about it. If you’re the person saying things like “I’m going to be last,” “I’m here to make everyone else look good,” or “I’m so slow,” enough already. Stop attacking yourself. You may not realize it, but you’re actively slowing yourself down and causing yourself to feel bad doing something that should make you feel good. Start actively thinking “I’m going to do the best that I can today.” And if doing your best is to come in dead last, that’s perfectly fine.

Do not mentally defeat yourself before or during a workout. One of the things I adore about CrossFit Cedar Grove is how encouraging everyone is to one another. Those encouraging words others are saying to you should run on an inner dialogue in your mind. If you finish your workout before others are you thinking “They’re so slow” about the people that finish behind you? Of course not. Because we tend to be much harder on ourselves than on others.

You need to be okay working at your current fitness level. Years ago, running 20+ miles in a day was no big deal for me, but I’ve had injuries and a baby, and those 20+ mile days aren’t happening again any time soon. If fitness played a major role in your life years ago, you can’t just pick up where you left off. And if you’ve never consistently worked out before, you can’t compare yourself to those who’ve been working for years to get where they are.

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Don’t look up to others and down on yourself. You are limitless.


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