CrossFit Cedar Grove is more than a gym, it’s a community of people who think of one another as family.

Getting ready to try for a PR? Members will stop what they are doing and cheer you on. Need some motivation to keep up your pace in the workout? These guys have your back. Struggling with that last 400-meter run during Nancy? You may even have someone who’s already finished come run it with you.

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This gym really is a family. And what makes it wild is we have such a diverse group of people. We have high school students and retired grandparents, teachers and firefighters, business owners and stay-at-home moms, women and men of all shapes and sizes, there are seasoned athletes and people who are starting their first workout ever.

So, what connects a group of vastly different people like this? Mindset. Every single member at CrossFit Cedar Grove wants success for the other members. Sure, there’s always some friendly competition in the workouts, but everyone just wants the person next to them to do their best.

Our people are the best people and we love them.

PS – A special THANK YOU to everyone who was able to help with the flood clean up at the gym on Sunday. Thank you for getting muddy, wet, and sweaty. For moving equipment, rolling up the turf, for wet vac-ing the floor, for mopping and re-mopping  and for bringing things from your homes to help out. Way to put your functional fitness to work!


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