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event schedule

Date: Monday May 27, 2024
Location: 1376 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

8:00am Coffee and Meet Your Sponsors
8:30am Warmup
9:00am Heat #1 Starts
9:30am Heat #2 Starts
10:00am Heat #3 Starts
11:00am  Food and Activities

The workout and the "why"

The Murph workout is a fitness challenge performed annually to honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a U.S. Navy SEAL who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005.

The workout consists of:

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 push-ups
  • 300 air squats
  • 1 mile run

This combination of running, bodyweight exercises, is designed to test strength, endurance, and mental fortitude.

It can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.

The Murph workout is performed every year on  Memorial Day, to pay tribute to Lt. Murphy’s incredible courage and sacrifice. He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for his heroic actions during Operation Red Wings, where he knowingly exposed himself to enemy gunfire to call for reinforcements and air support for his outnumbered team.

By undertaking this challenging workout, participants honor Lt. Murphy’s legacy and the sacrifices made by members of the military. It serves as a reminder of the physical and mental toughness required of service members and commemorates those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.



Stella’s Empanadas

DJ Nickk DeAngelo

Bob’s Ice Cream Truck

prizes and giveaways

$200 NobullGift Card
Membership Discounts

kids activities

Water Balloons

Sidewalk Chalk

Play area

where your donation goes

The Murph Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, presented by Forged®. It is also one of the primary means of funding for the Foundation on an annual basis. YOUR support is what drives our success.

Since 2014, Forged® has raised over $2,000,000+ for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation through The Murph Challenge campaign. In 2022, The Murph Challenge Fundraiser raised more than $300,000 in order to finalize construction on the LT Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum/Sea Cadet Training Facility in Long Island, NY! In addition to that, and ONLY with such overwhelming support and success, the Foundation awarded 40 scholarships (totalling around $200,000) in 2023 with the addition of three new scholarships; one at St. Joseph’s College to a Veteran for undergraduate or graduate study and two new scholarships at Rocky Point High School on Long Island in memory of Marine Sgt Robert A. Pole, who was Killed in Action in Iraq.

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