Social Media and Us

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In the age of social media we find ourselves comparing our bodies and lifestyles to the seamlessly perfect lives of celebrities and social media influencers. We want their bodies, their happiness, and to overall live the way they do. Yet, we are only looking at the surface area of their lives. In reality no one is happy all the time, and sometimes their bodies are heavily edited. Photoshop and face tuning have become an overwhelmingly huge component in the lives of celebrities, so they can sell their beauty to the consumer. Despite knowing their lives are fake, we still strive for these unattainable standards of beauty, so unattainable even the people who seem to have them are lying. Instead of comparing ourselves to people whose bodies and lifestyles are edited, we should focus our time on bettering ourselves. There is beauty in everything and it is difficult to remember that when our social media feeds are constantly struck with the lives of people who seem to have it better than us, yet we should look past what is on the screen. Compare yourself to a better version of yourself, not to someone that you can never become.



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