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Crossfit programming

Hey Members!

We’re changing things up!!


On the CrossFit Side….

Starting this week we’re switching from Mayhem programming to PRVN.


This cycle over the next 4 weeks will take us from Murph through June 16th.

I wanted to give you an update on what to expect…

Strength/Power Focus
– Emphasis on pairing heavy strength exercises with plyometric/explosive movements to enhance power development through post-activation potentiation (PAP)
– Heavy squat and deadlift variations, alternating between back squats/front squats and heavy deadlifts every 10 days
– Upper body strict pressing paired with explosive wall ball shots

Gymnastics Focus
– Enhancing strict bodyweight stamina through pull-ups, dips, leg lifts, and push-ups
– Combining bodyweight stamina work with heavy weighted variations and tempo work

– Olympic lifting sessions focused on hang power and low hang squat exercises to build explosiveness and refine technique
– 1-2 dedicated weightlifting sessions per week, plus variations integrated into conditioning pieces

– Diverse energy system training with AMRAPs, EMOMs, For Time workouts, sprint efforts, medium conditioning pieces, and longer 20-45 minute sessions
– Varied work-to-rest ratios and interval intensities to maximize training response

As we progress through these next 4 weeks, be prepared for some challenging but rewarding workouts designed to elevate your overall fitness, power, and gymnastics capabilities. The programming will culminate with assessments including max unbroken strict pull-ups, push-up stamina, and toe-to-bar stamina tests.

Barbell Programming

This next weightlifting cycle will prioritize enhancing strength in squats and pulling exercises, setting the foundation for peak performance in two upcoming meets this summer.

Our primary focus will be on building maximal strength and explosive power, with tailored programming designed to progressively overload the key muscle groups involved in the snatch and clean & jerk.

As we prepare for the 2024 USA Weightlifting New Jersey Novice Lift Off on June 23rd and the Intrepid Summer Sizzler on July 27th, each training phase will include specific intensity and volume adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

By systematically increasing load and refining technique, we aim to achieve personal bests and competitive success at both events.

If you are planning to compete at either of these events, please let any of the barbell coaches know!

Programming week of 5/27

And here’s what you can expect for this coming week:


Monday: Murph Monday!!!

Tuesday: is meant to be a flush for those that did the workout and for others a nice little dose of intensity for the posterior chain and midline.

Wednesday: sees us progressing our Snatch with the Snatch Complex.

Thursday: will get us inverted and working on our Aerobic Threshold.

Friday: tackling another challenging barbell cycling workout called “Closer to the Sun”.

Saturday: brings us a challenging “Fight Gone Bad” style EMOM.

Sunday: finishing off the week with a good old fashion pump session.

Lets raise the bar on class conduct

Our goal is to create the best possible experience for everyone involved and give you an amazing workout while giving you a chance to connect with your gym friends. 

When there is excessive noise, talking over coaches, and a lack of focus, it creates a chaotic environment that makes it difficult to properly warm up, listen to instructions, and get the most out of the workout. It also poses a safety hazard.

For our newer members in particular, this can be incredibly intimidating and discouraging.

Imagine showing up to your first few CrossFit classes, excited but also understandably nervous, only to be met with a noisy, disruptive atmosphere. It doesn’t exactly send the message that we’re a welcoming, supportive community.

We understand that many of you have been together for a while and developed a tight-knit bond. That’s awesome!

But we need to be mindful that our behavior sets the tone for the whole class.

When coaches are trying to lead the briefing or warm-up, they shouldn’t have to raise their voices over cross-talk. It’s disrespectful and makes for a poor learning environment.

Let’s make sure we are acting like the respectful, considerate athletes we are.

Arrive a few minutes early, keep cross-talk to a minimum, and be present when coaches are speaking.

It’s a simple ask that will go a long way in enriching the experience for everyone. To eliminate some of the chaos, some highly populated times have been switched to CrossFit from Open gym. 

As always, if you have an injury, please let the coach know and they will help you.

Have fun, Get after it and enjoy the week ahead! 👊🏼 Check out the previous post for detailed info on murph tomorrow!


Week of 6/17 Newsletter

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