Man’s Best Workout Buddy 

Dogs in the gym fill us with happiness. There’s nothing like seeing the face of a cute pupper wagging his tail on the way into your workout. And I’m sure they feel the same about that little pat on the head and scratch under the chin they get.

And the love is full circle. Some CrossFitters name their dogs after workouts or lifting; like Kilo, Rogue, Murph, even Karen. Some show love for Reebok by naming their pup Nano or others for the strong ladies of Iceland with Dottir. You really can’t go wrong with naming a dog after CrossFit.

They can help with your workouts too. Let’s not forget the dog squat challenge where you put man’s best friend over your shoulders and rep out some back squats while the furry gal over your shoulders is thinking “what in heck is hooman doing?” Those guys make the cutest weights we’ve ever seen.

Bottom line: Gym dogs are the best dogs.

Pictured above: Coach Mandy’s dog Loki at CrossFit Cedar Grove.


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