Love Yourself

Beauty comes in all different forms, someone that we find beautiful might not be beautiful to someone else. This goes the same way for ourselves; concerning ourselves with how other people view us should not take a toll in our lives. Instead, our concern should be how we see ourselves and what we should do to feel better. Many times we find ourselves worrying about other people, instead of taking the time to worry about ourselves, to fix this you have to be a little selfish (and that’s a good thing!)

Take some time to worry about yourself, take yourself out on a date and fall in love with yourself- you deserve it! Take a second to leave your phone behind, go on a walk alone, and spend some quality time with yourself. Something simple and cheap would be to create an at home spa day, complete with a bubble bath and a face mask. For the people that find themselves never being able to sit back and relax, allow yourself to take a nap.

As people we find ourselves constantly worrying about something, school, work, and our families, yet we don’t find the time to worry about ourselves. Take this as the push you need to free yourself and work towards yourself in order to find the beauty in focusing on yourself. It is important to find the time to do things for yourself, to feel happiness and to give your body/mind the love it deserves.

Cristina F. Intern Limitless Performance and Therapy

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