Get up, Stand Up

Raise your hand if that 9-5 job has you seated for roughly 6-8 hours a day. And don’t forget your commute where you sit in the car, bus, or train. And then you get home and you sit on the couch to relax. Take a minute and add up the number of hours per day you think you’re sitting… 8? 10? 12? Our bodies are really not made to be seated for that long. We are made to move!

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And to be completely honest, most of us have shitty posture when we sit. So when you’re in that position for a third or half of your day, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

I herniated a disc in my back in 2017 and it was incredibly painful to sit at a desk all day so I got some crates and stacked them up on my desk so I could stand and do my work. This genuinely changed my life. Around that same time, I heard of a guy named Dr. Kelly Starrett. His name may sound familiar, he’s written a few books that are commonly used around the CrossFit community. Deskbound is the book where he discusses the problems with sitting all day and gives a detailed plan about how you can reduce the time you spend sitting each day.

You can read the book, or watch this video, it’s only three minutes, entertaining, and very eye opening.

-Anna Kraeutler


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