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Take a vacation! I know, I know; “It’s expensive”, “I don’t have the money”, but even if it’s a weekend, a state away… YOU DESERVE IT. We find ourselves so tightly wound up in our day to day lives that we forget what not being stressed out feels like. The best way to destress is to leave the environment that’s stressing you out the most, or even to escape from your daily routine. Doing the same exact thing, every single day is exhausting and no one deserves to live that way. Set some time and some money aside, plan something small with family and friends and see how enjoyable it is to relax, far away from your problems. Even if you can’t afford to fly out to an island for a month, find some peace even a short two hours and two days from home. We all have one life to live, what a shame would it have been to have spent the entire time stressing out, instead of spending even a few days in the year completely relaxed. Don’t view spending money as a waste, instead, as a way to invest in yourself because… YOU DESERVE IT!

On a day to day basis, find small ways to escape from your daily routine. Find small ways to relax at home, read your favorite book, or even take a nap. If home is a stressful place, go on a drive or go for a jog. There are simple ways to escape the stresses of everyday life, find what suits you.
Cristina F. Intern at Limitless Performance and Therapy


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